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Network installation

Install, support and manage Client-Server and Peer-to-Peer networks for small to medium sized companies. MS Backoffice and Small Business Server (SBS) installations.

PC Repair

•All makes of pc repaired
•All makes of Laptop repaired
•Broadband/Network problems
•Data recovery/password resetting
•Windows not booting/ System crashes
•Software faults/Software crashes
•Windows blue screenMaintenance

PC Health checks
•Virus removal & anti virus setup
•Spyware / adware / malware removal
•Network/Internet security
•Data migration
•System update checks
•System cleaning
•System upgrades
•Parental controls


•Operating system installs
•Broadband sharing
•Wifi and Wired Networks
•Hardware driver updates
•Hardware/Peripheral installation
•System configuration
•DVD/RW CD/RW install/setup
•Internet and Email setup

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